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Kolb Roofing, LLC

13017 Wisteria Drive, #115

Germantown, MD 20874

(877) 664-2669


For Fast Service Start Here

Inspections & Repairs

Same Day Emergency Service or $97 Inspection and Tune-up*

Save a ton hassle and money by finding small problems and leaks before they become huge, costly repairs.

Even if you can't see any water damage inside or missing shingles outside a small leak in your roof system can get way worse over time and end up costing you many times more than if we catch it early.

We'll Catch Hidden Problems
We'll Fix Serious Leaks Fast

If you see water spots, or worse, on your ceiling or wall you'll need to get your roof repaired quickly before the next rain. Don't wait for things to get worse!

Kolb Roofing is available with same day service to quickly stop your leak, repair your roof and seal it up tight so it doesn't happen again. Emergency roof repairs may even be covered by your insurance company.

Call (877) 664-2669 or Fill Out The Form Now To Get Started

We'll Work With Your Insurance Company

Wind, Hail and other storm related damage will usually be paid for by your homeowner's insurance policy. The only money you'll pay out-of-pocket is your insurance deductible.

We work with most insurance companies and within their pricing guidelines to make sure you pay nothing extra unless you request additional work.

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